Belle idée de cartes pour la fête des mères :)

Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle

Recycled Soda Bottle Art - Do you drink a lot of two liter soda pop, and is wondering what to do with the bottles? How about you make some recycled soda bottle art?

An awesome anchor chart for telling time!

Time flower petal minutes with leafy minute and hour hands ~ great idea! (Now to move my classroom clock to a place with space beneath it.

Springtime math cen t er.What Time is it? Time Matching Game using leftover plastic eggs

What Time is it? Time Matching Game using leftover plastic eggs - Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Practice 1-12 times table on one worksheet

Times Tables Times Tables – Advanced Times Tables 2 – 1 Worksheet times table worksheet here Multiplication Multiplication – Basic Facts Multiplication – Cubes Multiplication – Horizontal Multiplication – Quiz Multiplication – Repea.

a twist on crate seating

A twist on crate seating. The pull out drawers offer storage space. Can also use with child sitting on floor & turn crate seating to side as flat surface or if crate does not have holes instead solid surface use like a drum etc.

Math greater less than

Shark Attack Greater Than, Less Than. This is a great way to introduce the concept of ‘greater than, less than’ to your children. When it comes to children understanding numbers, comparing numbers (Diy School Numbers)

Plastic Plates as dry erase boards

CHEAP plastic plate dry erase boards--kids love using the wipe boards, imagine how they'll like writing on plates!

"Book nook" made out of $4 IKEA spice racks.  Cute.

cute little book nook reading center for kid's bedroom or playroom - just frame favorite book covers, hang letters to spell out read, and add low shelves for kids to reach books. would like to use the ikea spice racks that are super cheap for shelving.

cadeau de fête des mères

Mother's Day Paper Flower Bouquet - image only. Could also spiral strips of paper and glue onto construction paper, draw in stems, add a paper vase, and a message.