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Eye makeup techniques

Eyeshadow placement according to eye shape. Can you see your eye shape here? Forget how other people wear their eyeshadow, stick to your eyeshape, it will make all the difference to your overall appearance.

expiration dates for every beauty product

This is exactly how long you should be keeping every beauty product you own. - Makeup and skin care expiration dates beauty hacks, makeup, skincare

Selecting the correct eye shadow can enhance your gaze. Discover the perfect technique for your shape.

The eyes have it. Makeup Tips for prominent, wide-set, small, close-set or creaseless Eyes by makeup artist Laura Mercier.

Face brushes come with pretty specific purposes.

Face Brush Guide and Cheat Sheet! Right now I'm definitely recommending the Nars Foundation Brush! It's been my favorite face brush of October! Eyebrow Makeup Tips