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Abnormal breath sounds are called “extra” or “adventitious” breath sounds. Adventitious breath sounds include crackles (formerly known as rales), wheezes, rhonchi and friction rubs. Learn about normal and abnormal breath sounds in this article 9 Helpful T Med Surg Nursing, Cardiac Nursing, Nursing Exam, Oncology Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Nursing Assistant, Nursing Assessment, Nursing Mnemonics, Pathophysiology Nursing

Nursing Health Assessment of the Respiratory System

9 Tips for performing a Nursing Health Assessment of the Respiratory System. As with any other system, knowing possible symptoms and how to focus the interview and physical assessment is an important skill for nursing students to have.

The most well known prerequisite for nursing school is Anatomy & Physiology among many others such as ethics or microbiology Nursing School Notes, Medical School, Nursing Schools, Medical Assistant School, General Surgery, Medical Anatomy, Human Anatomy And Physiology, Medical Coding, Medical Terminology

Body cavities and membranes

Body cavities and membranes. In most cases, the body is described as having two main cavities called the "dorsal and ventral body cavities". Some anatomical references do not recognize the dorsal body cavity but we will use it in this example because it's used by many professionals and colleges.

Comprehensive Urinalysis Interpretation for Medical Professionals Master the Urinalysis and improve Nursing School Notes, Medical School, Nursing Schools, Lpn Schools, Medical Assistant School, Assistant In Nursing, Nurse Practitioner Education, Nurse Education, Health Care Assistant

Comprehensive Urine Analysis Interpretation for Medical Professionals | Health And Willness

If you are a medical professional, it is often required to obtain and interpret a UA, or urine analysis. This post summarizes and condenses need-to-know information in order to truly understand and be able to effectively evaluate a urinalysis in order to guide patient care.

Vision Task Effective Instructional Practices: Think-pair-share is an easy, simple cooperative learning strategy that quickly adds more student engagement to a lesson. I use this a lot when teaching and find it very effective. Cooperative Learning Strategies, Teaching Strategies, Teaching Tips, Classroom Management Strategies, Siop Strategies, Formative Assessment Strategies, Differentiation Strategies, Differentiation In The Classroom, Thinking Strategies

In Praise of Think-Pair-Share | Cult of Pedagogy

Celebrating Think-Pair-Share, the Little Strategy That Could, and sharing some best practices for making it work for you.

Best Places To Find Nursing School Scholarships – Nursing Degree Info Nursing School Scholarships, Nursing School Tips, Nursing Career, Nursing Tips, Nursing Notes, Med Surg Nursing, Cardiac Nursing, Nursing Students, Nursing Schools In Texas

Pancreatitis Nursing Diagnosis Care Plan - NurseStudy.Net

Pancreatitis Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan for Nurses and Nursing Students NCLEX Review for Nursing School Nursing Review