Linlin Yang

Linlin Yang

Linlin Yang
More ideas from Linlin I Special Feature I Inside the World of Rick Owens -- the horizontal lighting creates a type of barrier, maybe between two worlds, or freedom, its very powerful especially with the smoke and actors walking through it. More

Rick Owens fashion show. Fashion is a key element of our pop up department store, which has its own fashion department showcasing a range of innovative fashion and tailoring brands. The design of MULTIPLEX is inspired by silhouettes and dramatic lighting.

Adler Planetarium - Find yourself Deep in Space at the Adler Planetarium's Grainger Sky Theater. As the World's Most Advanced Digital Theater, the Grainger boasts images that are eight times sharper than your digital cinema.

Explore the many worlds — planets, moons, dwarf planets, comets, and asteroids — that orbit the Sun. Our Solar System is much more than a star and eight planets; it is home to a set of diverse and amazing objects that we are only beginning to understan

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