Ontario, Canada

Screaming Heads in Burk's Falls, Ontario, Canada. The sculpture is by art teacher Peter Camani. Peter has spent 15 years working on 84 various sculptures scattered along both sides of the road, on his vast 310 acre property.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

9 October 2008 Stairs leading up to an apartment building with an archway in the Plateau Montreal. The outside walls have orange and yellow vines growing up them.

Toronto City Hall, Toronto Ontario, Canada

Toronto City Hall - Toronto, Ontario, Canada (often used as a backdrop in movies to represent futuristic cities)

Highway 401 in Toronto, Canada

The worlds busiest highway, Highway 401 near Toronto, Canada. I was here for a painting teacher class in

copper Canadian penny, as of 2012 Canada will no longer be producing pennies

The Canadian 1936 dot cent coin. The penny has a tiny dot on the reverse side, below the date, to distinguish it as a 1936 coin made in Only three are thought to exist in the world

Toronto's Eaton Center is such a great place to shop and the under ground malls are fun too.

Toronto Pictures - Pictures of Toronto

CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

CN Tower, Toronto, Canada - September 2010 - i have never been more scared than i was at the top of that thing.