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Hey, Hey, It's Hayley by on @deviantART

(Pink wolf) female young pup named Halo VERY power:Confuse others. HYPER BE CARE FUL!)yellow wolf) younger brother to Halo,named Sunray kind a calm can get ticked off with his sister.

This is Conner.He always acts younger than his age.He is really sweet and can love anyone.

Wolf name: Pouncer Female Pup caretaker/Makes pups in a good mood power. Omega wolf Traits from father: Nothing Traits from mother: Everything Mate: No mate What Pouncer is like~ Outgoing, super funny, and playful.

a thing from yesterday's livestream. Unhappy Kurai. U:< "let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll." PSCS6 Edit: Lines/basework done in Sai

Wolf name: Crescent Moonlight Male Alpha wolf Healer/Healing powers Traits from father: Coat color Traits from mother: Healing power Mate: Hero What Crescent Moonlight is like~ Funny, outgoing, thoughtful, and very charming.