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Um, ya I can but most people probably can, but I'm just not gonna pay attention to that cuz IM A DEMIGOD!!!!!!

This is honestly so hard to read if you know the pronunciation of the greek letters! It's gibberish. oh well I'm a demigod what can I say.

Is there an option for just the first three combined like, Hogwarts for school, Camp Half-Blood for summer vacation, sand Narnia for Spring Break?

Harry Potter fans - "I wanna go to Hogwarts!" Percy Jackson fans - "I wanna go to The Halfblood Camp!" Narnia fans - "I wanna go to Narnia!" Hunger Games fans - "I'm ok".

"I have an army." Reyna taunted. "Oh yeah? Well, we have a Clarisse." Percy replied sassily.<<<Clarisse says, "Jackson, I'm flattered. Now run before I flatten you."

"I have a army. "Oh yeah? Well, we have a Clarisse." Percy replied sassily<<<< Clarisse in the background with demon eyes in a cage with bones in it XD

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