iPhone 4 Design templates

iPhone and iPad design screen size and resolution. ----- so glad I came across this. because I was designing an app in iPhone 3 dimension. that explains why it looked fuzzy.

Eyeist.com Helps You Build a Kickass Portfolio

chase jarvis & allegra wilde from the eyeist discussing portfolio - it's hours - I haven't watched it all yet.

GIF Optimization Settings

GIF Optimization Settings in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady : Adobe Photoshop

Free Buttons

Finding awesome UI components and web design elements is just like finding treasure to web designers.

Horizontal Accordion Menu

Design a Horizontal Accordion Slider (Plus an Exclusive Freebie!) by Orman Clark, Today we're going to walk through the creation of your very own horizontal accordion together with an exclusive bonus - a light version of the very same.