"je suis" boards

I AM. Love this idea to remind them they are wonderful. (Could use actual photos of the girls, though.) Or do this with a girl scout troop photo and say. Girl Scouts is. (let them find adjectives in magazines to glue around frame.

Pour la rentrée: Je me présente!

Great way to start year in blanks, teach verbs to form sentences, write in paragraph, present orally, students ask/answer personal questions.

"Grinch" Adjectives [can compare & contrast with "Santa" Adjectives"]. May use this as a "filler" that unpredictable day before Christmas break! (In the target language)

Cute holiday idea that incorporates the study of character traits Could lead into a lesson on similes: "The Grinch was as sneaky as a snake.

Mon monstre

Mon monstre / My monster — Each student chooses his/her favorite monster and writes a descriptive paragraph using a word bank.

La description physique et l'âge

La description physique et l'âge