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eliza bennett embroiders a self-inflicted sculpture into her flesh. using her own skin as a canvas, british artist eliza bennett has realized a self-inflicted sculpture, woven into the palm of her hand. Eliza Bennett, Elizabeth Bennett, Arte Sci Fi, Textiles, Arte Popular, Human Condition, Diy Art, Fiber Art, Hand Embroidery


ART: For a Woman’s Work is Never Done by Eliza Bennett Talk about dedication to your art. Eliza Bennett embroiders colored thread into her own hand to challenge the idea that work traditionally...

American Apparel is once again selling clothes to men, but to women it's selling the dream of becoming sexualized and objectified through the male gaze. Sexist and objectifying American Apparel advertisements never cease to amaze. American Apparel Ad, Objectification Of Women, Fashion Models, Intersectional Feminism, Patriarchy, Equal Rights, Social Issues, Human Rights, Lgbt

The New Women's Movement

thisisrapeculture: “ xtremecaffeine: “ and-other-good-intentions: “ So I saw a post on how American Apparel markets unisex clothing, but I couldn’t actually find a unisex section on their website. I...

I like Édouard Manet because of the painting "Olympia" which is of a naked girl and her servant. I like it because the girl looks like a boss. Renoir, Edouard Manet, Illustration Paris, Edgar Degas, Great Paintings, Art Moderne, Art For Art Sake, Chiaroscuro, Claude Monet

Paris - Musée d'Orsay: Manet's Olympia

Edouard Manet's Olympia, painted in 1863, reworked the traditional theme of the female nude, using a strong, uncompromising technique. Both the subject matter and its depiction explain the scandal caused by this painting at the Salon de 1865. Even though Manet quoted numerous formal and iconographic references, such as Titian's Venus of Urbino, Goya's Maja desnuda, and the theme of the odalisque with her black slave, already handled by Ingres among others, the picture portrays the cold and…

Renaissance painting Venus of Urbino. Titian [Tiziano Vecellio], The trademark red, the Renaissance style. Chef D Oeuvre, Oeuvre D'art, Venus, Galerie Des Offices, Google Art Project, High Renaissance, Ginger Cats, Fat Cats, Old Master

Titian's "Venus of Urbino" Mark Twain once called Titian's Venus "the foulest, the vilest, the obscenest picture the world possesses."

Tracey Emin stands by My Bed as it goes on sale for Artist Life, Artist At Work, Tracey Emin Bed, English Artists, It Goes On, Single Women, Stand By Me, The Past, Hero

Tracey Emin stands by My Bed as it goes on sale for £1.2m

The artist's most famous work compares with past masterpieces that create a self-portrait in objects

This article provides biographies for artists Claude Monet and Edouard Manet, two giants of French Impressionism. The article then compares the significance of each artist and asks the question: who is better Monet or Manet? Edouard Manet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Grand Art, Gustave Courbet, Google Art Project, Famous Artwork, Post Impressionism, Impressionist

Cave to Canvas

Édouard Manet, Olympia, 1863 Things to think about when studying: What historical work does Manet reference? How does he update it for the 19th century? Why did viewers find this painting so shocking? What symbolic elements add to the shock factor? Describe Manet’s painting style - what stylistic and formal elements does he use?