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Peanut Balls - great doula tool, help open mamas pelvis in labor (option with an epidural)

The Peanut Ball is another great tool to add to your doula bag. The Gymnic brand Physio Roll is a peanut shaped ball is a high quality exercise ball which can be used for women in labor.

Hypnobirthing: Why Everyone Can Benefit (Plus two birth stories using it) - This method teaches deep relaxation that can help those desiring a natural birth, and is a great way to deal with stress and pain during labor. But it's not just helpful for those doing natural labor and births!

ARIA’S BIRTH STORY WITH HYPNOBIRTHING - Hypnobirthing benefits those who desire a natural birth, and everyone else too! It helps with pain and stress management during labor and delivery, and can help with any sort of stress at anytime!

Attention, New Moms: There Is an IRS Tax Break for Breastfeeding!

In addition to it being one of the most healthy things you can do for you and your baby, thanks to the IRS, you will be able to write off the cost of breast pumps and nursing supplies as a medical deduction.