Miy Thanksgiving decor crafts special by Maddylane. Make-it-yourself Thanksgiving decor, decorating with natures elements. Easy Thanksgiving decorations by Madeleine Langlois.

faux fusion glass project, miycreations.com, ecodeco, miy

Can use this on all of those plain jane vases that came with the flowers sent

diy upcycle placemats, maddylane

recycle old placemats with Pebeo seta skrib markers. diy make it yourself placemats by maddylane.

pebeo craft miy

pebeo craft miy

upcycled craft address sign

DIY upcycle garden craft,recycle old frames into elegant outdoor address sign with Pebeo vitrail paints. make it yourself by maddylane, madeleine langlois, miy