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Madelyn Templeton

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Madelyn Templeton
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HONESTLY SAME. People when they see each other at school, "OMG its been soooo long i haven't seen you in forever!" ME: "You literally just saw each other yesterday god shut the fuck up"<<Thank you previous pinner!

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A headcanon of what if Lucy have to went through the same fate as her mother and how it resulted in her death. Knowing how it would hurt Natsu and the others, Lucy decided to keep her impending demise.

#shewasaherounderstandahero #shewasahero #SilenaWasAHeroFuckYouIfYouSayOtherwise

<<<< Silena was definitely a hero. She Rosales her life in the Titan war, JUST to repay for what she did. That makes us forget about what she did, and see her as a complete and true hero. >>> Are there actually people who think she wasn’t a hero?