Me on the Map Circle Book! A great way to teach your students about geography and where they live! Love this for when we get into continents

Me on the Map Circle Book {EDITABLE!}

Flipbooks are a super way to inspire excitement in a research project. I heard the kids say that this was the coolest project that we had done ALL year. One even commented that he was NOT going to allow his Mom to throw this one out! Great reviews from the sources that count ... the kids! ($)

Journey to a Country of Your Choice Research Flipbook

Choose-a-Country Lapbook--plenty of minit books that will work for any country, as long as you do your own research for the facts

alice brans posted FREE Country Lapbook Templates to their -wonderful world of disney- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

This foldable could be used for many social studies ideas-fromLessons with Laughter

This foldable could be used for many social studies ideas- Regions with state names on top flap and description on bottom, with picture and name on cover

Goodnight, Canada (Sept. 1) I have this book and it is awesome! Great illustrations of the provinces and what makes each significant!

Goodnight, Canada andrea beck - The colourful art decorating each page celebrates the diversity of Canada's people and key features of each province (provincial flags) -- from the quiet wheat fields of Saskatchewan to a fisherman's wharf in Nova Scotia.

multicultural paper dolls! (for international week)

Make Multicultural Paper Dolls

Making multicultural paper dolls is a school-wide craft that promotes and symbolizes unity, while also celebrating our diverse heritages and differences.

Help kids learn the provinces and capitals with this super-cool printable map puzzle!

Printable Map of Canada Puzzle