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30 Materials & Activities to Promote Fine Motor Skills - great ideas to work those little fingers!

30 Materials Activities to Promote Fine Motor Skills. This website gives many ideas for teaching small children fine motor skills. This is great for preschool and even students with disabilities who need extra practice with things.

#Knoala Early Infant activity 'Sink Or Float?' helps little ones develop Cognitive and Language skills. Click for simple instructions

COGNITIVE The older infant closely observes actions and discovers that repeated actions yield similar results. The infant plays with the toys, but also observes that as he drops them in the bucket that some will sink, others will float.

Build trust and confidence with your baby to boost his social and emotional development with these activities from Jamie Loehr M.D, and Jen Meyers, authors of "Raising Your Child."

SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT- The young infant develops a bond with both family and non-family members. The adult is building trust and confidence with the infant.