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Vinyl of the beloved Fairuz

سفر برلك

سفر برلك

فيروز تغني لكم من الخمسينات

The face of music - in no particular order.


* Stop the United States of Israel, separate these two nations so we can have our own way of life back before Israel blaming Muslims wrongfully made USA into a POLICE STATE at war in Mideast *

Where is the world when israel murders, detroys families, ruins lives, etc???

On the defenseless PALESTINIANS! Which by the way was funded by all your hard earned American tax dollars!

Terrorist Apartheid Racist ISRAHELL! The kingdom of Satan the devil himself!

tax dollars and weapons at work for apartheid Israel, just like they were for apartheid South Africa.

Take a moment and pray for Gaza.

Take a moment and pray for Gaza. Yet the Senate continue to funnel billions of our tax dollars to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Gaza we love you and you are in our hearts .

Free Palestine from the Israeli Occupation.

MURDERS BY ISRAEL CONTINUES IN In there was a sharp increase in the number of Palestinian administrative detainees held by Israel, from 219 in January to 307 in December, according to figures B'Tselem received from the Israel Prison Service.