10-Minute Silicone Steamer Granola Bars

Epicure’s Silicone Steamer Granola Bars.make with almond flour for gluten free

Epicure Curry in a Hurry

An ideal cook once, eat twice dish. Serve with rice, couscous, or pita bread – or as a satisfying meal on its own.

Steamer Chicken Souvlaki

Steamer Chicken Souvlaki

Epicure Potato and Cabbage Soup

Discover delicious Irish flavour with one of our favourites from the Emerald Isle - Potato and Cabbage Soup!

Steamer Chicken Fajitas

Delish chicken fajitas done in my square Epicure silicone cooker. All prepped and ready to go for dinner later tonight. It took about 8 minutes since I used 3 chicken breasts, but so easy and delicious.

Silicone Steamer 6 minute Mixed Vegetables

Epicure’s Silicone Steamer 6 minute Mixed Vegetables - I am freaking IN LOVE with my steamer! It is truly an amazing addition to my kitchen! Epicure makes it so easy to feed your family quickly and healthy!

Epicure's Potato-crusted Fish

Lunch/Dinner: Epicure's Potato-crusted Fish calories/serving) serve with favourite veggies

Epicure Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas

Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas: 1 cup ml) cooked cubed chicken 2 cups ml) grated low-fat cheese 1 green pepper, diced 12 — cm) whole-wheat tortillas 2 Tbsp ml) Epicure's 3 Onion Dip Mix

Epicure No-fry Fish Sticks

Go Fish - No-Fry Fish Sticks Night: Epicure’s No-fry Fish Sticks