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Sui Generis by Fraser Parker -Book

Level of difficulty: Intermediate Sui Generis is a breakthrough system for guessing any word, entirely propless.It allows for what is essentially a mental billet peek, without the need for anything to be written down by your spectator.Fraser has searched for this work all of his life and is something he considers his best work so far and a crowning achievement in the Mystery Arts.There is very little process, everything is justified presentationally and the method is practically self working…

The first complete magic manual with RUBIK's CUBE (NOW in English!)IMPOSSIBLE is a simple to understand book with innovative ideas on the magic cube! You will learn new visual revelations and Killer routines! Stage and close-up effects are included!Includes a 3-lesson video guide to learn how to solve the Rubik's cube Magic Supplies, Types Of Magic, Learn Magic, Social Media Buttons, Rubik's Cube, Innovative Ideas, Magic Book, Shopping Websites, Manual

IMPOSSIBILE by Nicola Lazzarini

The first complete magic manual with RUBIK's CUBE (NOW in English!)IMPOSSIBLE is a simple to understand book with innovative ideas on the magic cube! You will learn new visual revelations and Killer routines! Stage and close-up effects are included!Includes a 3-lesson video guide to learn how to solve the Rubik's cube in the layered methods! (1 hour recording!)PREFACE LUCA RAMACCIOTTITRANSLATED BY PAUL NARDINI (FISM WINNER 2003)

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Through The Eyes of Hanussen & Messing By Helmuth Grunewald

"I almost passed on this book, as I'd already read biographies of both men. It wasn't until my friend, Paul Romhany, told me I had to read ,b>"Through the Eyes of Hanussen & Messing" that I ordered it. I'm very glad I did. I've read it again twice over the last few days. It's an incredible book, and one I'll treasure and refer to often. In this unputdownable book, Helmuth Grunewald discusses the techniques and effects that Hanussen and Messing used, and then explains how they might have done…

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A Show For All Seasons by Christopher T. Magician -Book

Level of difficulty: Beginner From the author of the critically acclaimed and widely celebrated books Beyond Look, Don't See, Just for Fun, and Be More Funny!No Christmas show? No Halloween show? No Library show? No problem! Everything you need to build your own fully themed show is here, divided into three fun to read sections: Four Lists, The Adapting Trick Collection, and Making It...FOUR LISTS - Want to know one of the secrets of Christopher T. Magician's Success? Lists! And making your…

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Lucky by John Bannon -Book

Featuring:CHOP SHOP. Card trick? Chop cup? Both? Neither? Fractal!PROXY SHOCK. Performer suddenly nails a truly thought-of card.CUT AND RUN. An extended running cut finds four Aces (or whatever you desire).HYBRID HOLDOUT. Participant shuffles and cuts. Top stock: Controlled.STEALTH ASSEMBLY (J. Carey). The most pistachio plain-vanilla Ace assembly.BIG FAT BLUFF ACES. Scrupulously fair Ace assembly. Or do they?PLOT TWIST. Best ending to the best card trick ever: Dai Vernon's "Twisting the…

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Genii Magazine March 2021

GENIITHE CONJURORS' MAGAZINEVOLUME 84NUMBER 3March 2021FEATURESOne Night in Brooklyn by Jamy Ian SwissCOLUMNSGenii Speaks by Richard KaufmanIn Memoriam: David Roth by Dr. Michael Rubinstein Mark Wilson by Max Maven Bev Bergeron by Phil Schwartz Joe Porper by R. Paul Wilson Siegfried Fischbacher by Max Maven, Erika Larsen and Jonathan Pendragon The Eye by Chloe OlewitzExhumationsA Very Lucky Royal Flush by Jon RacherbaumerMaterial Concessions Flying Over Washington by David RegalStage as…

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Jabberwocky by Tony Shiels - Book

Whether you're into mentalism, mind reading, storytelling, bizarre magick, strange, weird, or spooky magic, then you will delight in Jabberwocky, The Lost Writings of Tony 'Doc' Shiels. "Do you crave amazing audience reactions? Do you relish generating wordof-mouth publicity? Discover Jabberwocky, The Lost Writings of Tony 'Doc' Shiels, one man's quest on how to turn the ordinary into something truly marvelous?" Back in the early 1960's, Tony Shiels put away his dove pan and his vanishing…

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Invisible Thoughts by Chris Rawlins -Book

Invisible Thoughts will reinvigorate your appreciation and excitement for a tool that you already own.Invisible Thoughts is my work on and with the Invisible Deck.These notes cover everything from set up through to routines and a brief history of the deck itself.My full and most used Invisible Deck routine is included for the first time, during which you reveal an unspoken thought that only exists in your spectators mind. It really does look and feel just like you are inside their head!You…

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Isolation by Michael Murray -Book

"Isolation has done with cards what Train Tracking did with words." - Atlas Brookings "Michael, you are truly a GENIUS. This is incredibly good in every way, shape, and form. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into the project. I promise your effort has paid off. This is the Bible of 'The Thought-of Card.'" - Madison Adams Hagler "I think he is talking ******** and there is no method he can just BLOODY READ MINDS!" - Mike Donoghue "Michael performed this for me over the phone earlier…

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THE TROJAN HORSE PROJECT by Manos, Murray and Rasp

"So Freaking clean!"- Drew Backenstoss"This is one of the best pieces of impromptu mind reading I've ever seen"- Christian Grace"When Manos first showed me his routine, I wanted to reach through the computer screen and punch him in the face. It really is that good!"- Mark Chandaue"Please let me know when this is ready to purchase, this is one of your best effects yet!"- David Diamond"I am lost for words, this fooled me completely!"- Mike SullivanThe 'Trojan Horse Project' contains a…

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Calculated Thoughts by Doug Dyment

Level of difficulty: Beginner A lifetime of secrets from one of mentalism's underground legends!Over the last 25 years, Doug Dyment has been performing his unique and powerful mentalism around the world. Yet, for the most part, his material has been kept private - except for a few limited release manuscripts that are long out of print. Now, Vanishing Inc. is thrilled to partner with Doug to present his most cherished signature routines."Calculated Thoughts" is a stunning 400+ page…

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Magic Inside Out by Robert E. Neale & Lawrence Hasss

Magic Inside Out by Robert E. Neale & Lawrence HassTheory and Art of Magic PresasROBERT E. NEALE is an international treasure for magicians who enjoy mind-bending magic and powerful presentations.Magic Inside Out collects fourteen of Bob's astonishing routines-twelve of which appear here for the first time. In keeping with his trademark style, they employ a range of simple props and provocative themes to delightfully twist the perceptions of audiences.Magic Inside Out also includes a major…

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Everything Cub Scouts for the Magician by Brian Hoffman

Who better to write a book on performing magic shows for Cub Scouts than one of the very few in the magic community who's a Cub Scout leader, a magician and can share it all in a book written for you?Brian Hoffman knows all about scouting-and all about magic. A Scout leader for over 7 years, he's seen firsthand how the Scouting organization has changed. (Did you know that Cub Scouts now accepts girls?) So, performing for and marketing magic shows to them has changed, too. In Everything Cub…

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The House of Magic by David Attwood - Book

The House of Magic is a book that is not just a collection of effects and techniques but also a perspective on how important magic is and how it serves those who behold it. The metaphorical title of this book serves to illustrate, not only thoughts on presentation, but the detailed preparation in order to build the solid foundation that the house of magic is built upon.This work does on to explain that the creating of the magical moment continues well after the presentation is done.With…

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Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost, Vol. 8

Nick Trost's Subtle Card Creations series of easy-to-do card effects continues with Volume 8. As in the other volumes in the series these routines rely on subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand. Once again there are over 100 tricks, this time collected in 13 chapters covering Gambling Tricks, Poker Puzzles, Divinations, Gilbreath Tricks, Predictions, Coincidences, ESP tricks and more."I think this is the best volume yet."- Steve Beam"I've never been a fan of…

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Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost, Vol. 7

Nick Trost's Subtle Card Creations series of easy-to-do card effects continues with Volume 7. As in the other volumes in the series these routines rely on subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand. Once again there are over 100 tricks, this time collected in 11 chapters covering Gambling Tricks, Poker Puzzles, Baffling Revelations, Unique Card Effects, Amazing Coincidences, ESP tricks and more."The name Nick Trost has always been synonymous with good, simple and…