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The breakfast program at The Magnolia Hotel & Spa. - Daily continental breakfast, Mon-Fri - Chef inspired a la carte menu, Mon-Fri - Weekend a la carte brunch…
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bacon on a white plate sitting on a metal counter top next to other food items
Flights of Bacon.....@Cicchettibar #Brunch One of the favorites on the menu. What's you fave Bacon? #YYJ #Bacon #YUM
a white plate topped with meat and vegetables
tagine poached free range eggs, moroccan vegetable ragout, grilled lamb sausage, spicy harissa, minted yoghurt
a white plate topped with bread and vegetables next to an egg on top of toast
Octopus in your breakfast? Mr Douglas poached free range eggs, local octopus, winter ragout, bacon, yoghurt, grilled bread $16 on The Brunch menu at Catalano Restaurant.
an omelet and some other food on a white plate in a restaurant kitchen
Is it the weekend yet?
a white plate topped with an omelet covered in veggies
The Gina Lola Open faced omelette with roasted vegetables, caramelized onion, goats cheese, mixed greens & grilled bread $14 on The Catalano Brunch Menu
two chefs in the kitchen preparing food on plates
#Brunchtime @cicchettibar & @Magnoliahtl Check out the new breakfast and brunch at Catalano & Magnolia hotel
a cappuccino on a saucer next to a piece of paper
A cappuccino to start your day? #Brunchtime at Catalano Restaurant at Magnolia Hotel & Spa
several plates with food on them sitting on a table
A great selection of Omelettes Brunch-time at Catalano Restaurant, @Magnoliahtl