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You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

Jesus calls us to be "salt and light. to the people God sends us everyday.

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Reading is the sole means by which we slip involuntarily often helplessly into another's skin another's voice another's soul.

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If you truly love a book you should sleep with it write in it read aloud from it and fill its pages with muffin crumbs.

The novel in its best form I regard as one of the most powerful engines of civilization ever invented.

A good thing to remember. Life is beautiful. Appreciate the little things! - Home Decoz

I am perfectly content with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. And I really don't even need the coffee.but it would be nice!

"It is worse to stay where one does not belong at all than to wander about lost for a while and looking for the psychic and soulful kinship one requires" ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés ~ Women Who Run with the Wolves WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™

It is a good rule after reading a new book never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.

Starry Eyed Wolfchild - The Old Butcher’s Bookshop, Paris