Tricot graffiti/ Yarn Bombing

Various projects of Yarn Bombing/ projets variés de Tricot graffiti
13 Pins
an aerial view of people walking on the street near booths and tents in front of a bridge
Yarnbombing or: How We Do Something Better for the Community and Love the Bomb - Blue Sky Fibers
Oh goodness, the scale! Cambridge, Ontario
there is a red and white polka dot statue in front of some trees with the words genius is everywhere on it
Ascension of Polka Dots on Trees - Yayoi Kusama
Ascension of Polka Dots on Trees, Yayoi Kusama
a blue doily on the back of a car
Cro crochet
a red phone booth with an octopus in it's mouth and eyes on the front
ERRP | Expired Registration Recovery Policy
London squid yarnbomb - Simona Perrotta - Crumbs and Petals
some pink stuffed animals are lined up on the side of the street and one bunny is sticking its head out
You Find A Gang Of Crochet Pink Bunnies In The Garden, What’s Next? - KnitHacker
What do you do when you find a gang of pink bunnies in the garden? Take them on a road trip to Nuremberg, of course!
a pole that has some kind of knitted object on it's side in front of a building
yarn bombing
there are many different images of colorful objects
Massive yarn bombing in the city - FunSubstance
yarn bombing
a colorful tree is in the middle of some bushes
Crochet Coral Tree
yarn bomb
there is a colorful crocheted tree in the park with people walking around it
Colorful Tree Clothing
Yarn Bombing
a room with colorful curtains and chairs on the floor, in front of a wall that has balls hanging from it's ceiling
Yarn bombed.
two benches with colorful scarves on them sitting next to each other in the rain
April 2012 Mettiamoci una Pezza, L'Aquila, Italia. By SnapTheWorld.
a multicolored wall hanging on the side of a building
Instalação - Yarnbombing
Wonderful yarn bombing installation by Cristina Vasconcellos
there are two blue poles that have been decorated with green knitted animals on them
International Yarnboming Day was founded by Canadian fiber artist Joann Matvichuk in 2011.
International Yarnboming Day was founded by Canadian fiber artist Joann Matvichuk in 2011. | 24 Incredible Yarnbombs From Around The World