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Majorie Béliveau
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Shark-whisperer Andre Hartman reaches out to tickle the snout of a Great White, a technique that sends it into a trance-like state in the waters off the coast of South Africa

Great white shark

Aaayyyyeee yes. another stupid human; thinking that flimsy arts and crafts cage will keep a great white mama from what she wants.

James Crowlett, 34, was on his honeymoon. He just wanted to go for a quick dip, take a selfie underwater and show off to his friends. The photo was uploaded to his Facebook page automatically, and unfortunately that shark was real. As you can see in the photo the shark is ready to strike, and it did just a moment later. It tore of Crowlett’s leg off before lifeguards managed to get to him. He died on the way to the hospital after losing massive quantities of blood.

Extremely crazy and most dangerous selfies compilation ever . These are some of the most epic extreme and dangerous moment selfies of daredevils involving sh.