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Hanna Trafford

Hanna Trafford
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Basic and solid tips for parents before the start of new school year

TASA,Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys, is your best source for highly-qualified, independent School Violence Expert Witnesses.

You will be able to make this delicious bread in minutes!

You will love this very easy to make, moist and delicious bread, good for just about any time of the daytTry it today!

Delicious apple cinnamon cake made with fresh Granny Smith apples - try it!

You get to cheat a little by using prepared mixes - but topping the cake with fresh Granny Smith apples makes up for it!

Easy to make baked potatoes topped with vegetables - great addition to any main course!

Homemade Recipes, Great Gardening Tips and Parenting Advice - Join Mama Knows to share your tips, tricks and family advice. Mama Knows by Hanna Trafford.

Great pie for any occasion - here is the recipe!

Not too sweet, but custardy. Like fruit on Creme brûlée. Looking for a new Thanksgiving tradition? Give this creamy-tart newcomer a try. Get the recipe for Cranberry Custard Pie.

Not sure what to do with kale and how to best use it? Check out these tasty ideas!

You may have heard ‘kale’ being bantered about where the subject of discussion is super foods. But what exactly is kale? Before getting into the ways you might add kale to a healthy seniors’ diet, here is a brief description of kale.