See the Science of Sound

The Science of Sound

See the Science of Sound: This would be a fun science activity for students to work on together. Seeing the sugar crystals move by themselves after saying their name will definitely catch their attention.

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Waves: Sound and Light {Aligns with NGSS 1-PS4-1,2,3,4} {science}

Your kids will love learning all about sound and light waves with this packet full of hands-on science activities! Teach your little ones about white light and rainbows! -- Waves: Sound and Light {Aligns with NGSS {science}

Les sons font vibrer l'air qui nous entoure. Ces vibrations voyagent sous la forme d'ondes, comparables aux vaguelettes formées par un caillou quand il tombe dans l'eau.

Sounds make the air all around us vibrate. These vibrations travel in the form of waves, comparable to the wavelets made by a pebble when it falls in the water.

L'oeil et son fonctionnement

L'oeil et son fonctionnement