Mama Pacha is dedicated to making all-natural herbal products free of chemicals and petroleum. I am passionate about helping individuals and families make the switch from harmful conventional products to locally made herbal products that are safe for the whole family. I am also passionate about educating people on simple steps they can make daily to help eliminate harmful products from their lives.
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MamaPacha table display

MamaPacha table display

Beard Oil

Beard oil is for those who take pride in their facial hair. Whether you have had yours for a while or are starting out new, beard oil is for you. This will soften the facial hair and also conditi…

Herbal after bite

If you don’t buy the Shoofly. don’t bother me, or just forget to put it on, get rid of the itch by rolling this on Ingredients: which hazel, essential oils Vegan

Joint and Muscle Salve

This is the perfect salve for the skin Ingredients: (Calendula, St John’s wort, Red clover, olive oil, bees wax)

Hair Care Tea

For those who are going the “no poo” route, you can use this instead of shampoo or as a rinse as well. Makes a great rinse for dreadlocks as well. Place 2 TBSP of tea in the reusable…

Herbal Sunscreen

Same great products you know and love (as Herbal Sunscreen) now with a cute new name!

Herbal Head Lice Treatment Kit

school's back in session - a safe way to get rid of lice

Hand Scrub

Spring is here and I know when I am working in the garden or garage, my hands can get super grimy ! This is a natural scrub that is great for getting all that dirt and grime off your hands and als…

Face wash and mask

Removes impurities and excess oil in skin. For wash, mix small amount of powder in hard with water until runny. For Mask, mix powder with very little water until i…

Deodorant – Roll On

This aluminum free deodorant is in a roll on applicator and is very affective and reducing moisture and smell. You can feel good about using this deodorant.

Calendula body butter

Calendula body butter

Relaxing Bath Tea

Herbal teas are not only amazing to drink and take internally, but they can be great for the skin, for relaxation and for your entire body. Place 2 Tbsp of tea in the reusable muslin bag and add t…

Tooth Powder

fluoride free, natural, whitener, peppermint or cloves and cinnamon flavours