Take my little one camping! Mommy/daughter style

Advance preparations are key to enjoying your camping trip, whether your destination is your backyard or halfway across the country. Read these tips to learn how to properly get ready for your upcoming camping trip.

Travel outside of BC

Road Trip Canada Trans-Canada Highway by Frank van den Bergh / E+ / Getty Images

Volunteer somewhere new.... a soup kitchen, shelter, somewhere :)

Volunteer somewhere new. a soup kitchen, shelter, somewhere :)

Actually complete the 30 Day Shred!

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred DVD If I did one video my whole life, or endorsed just one, this would be it. I really did lose in 30 days. This video. Get it.

Run a 5k - Some type of Color Run!

KEEP CALM AND GO TO THE COLOR RUN - The Color Run was founded in March 2011 as an event to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in the “Happiest on the Planet”. It is the original paint race.

Finish Medical Office Assistant Program!

The Best of Both Worlds: Medical Office Assistants Working Within the Ontario Health Care Industry


Paddle Boston - Charles River Canoe & Kayak :: Sales, Rentals, Trips, Instruction, and Gear in Boston > Overview

Test Drive vehicles and then start saving!

Test Drives for Sailors - Absolutely Essential or Waste of Time?

Finally get my ears re-pierced!

Lots of kids are interested in piercing their ears - or just one of them.

Go on a cave tour

Go on a cave tour

Do the Polar Bear Swim

Do the Polar Bear Swim

Learn to Kayak and try it somewhere beautiful!

The most entertaining Nanaimo real estate website! Neighbourhood info, hikes and parks, old photos, and Realtor Gerry Thomasen