Quidditch problems.

Quidditch problems.

Funny pictures about Quidditch problems. Oh, and cool pics about Quidditch problems. Also, Quidditch problems.


I want this so bad I love dandelions every time I see one I have to pick it and make a wish!

I have this written on the wall of my den above my desk. Very cool as the shadowed "without books without soul" sort of glows in dim lighting :) book-love

Falling Book Bookends

- ARTORI Design “Falling Books” Metal Bookend Decorative “ Falling bookend supports the books at a surprising, not straight angle, which makes the whole thing stand out on the shelf and creates interest.

Johnny Depp

"I'm an old-fashioned guy. I want to be an old man with a beer belly sitting on a porch, looking at a lake or something." Johnny Depp I will sit with ya baby!

Dad level 439932.

Funny pictures about Best dad in the world. Oh, and cool pics about Best dad in the world. Also, Best dad in the world photos.

As you wish:)

And remember, this is for posterity so be honest. The Princess Bride - Daylight Savings Time

December 2nd, 2012 - Detachment Parenting  One woman's adventure in unconditional parenting....hilarious.

funny face I love you.funny face i need you.you have the sweetest face i've ever seen.