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The top 10 TRX exercises - Men's Health

Side-plank tap Lying on your left side, place your feet in the stirrups (A). Extend your right arm for balance. Raise your hip off the floor, hold for (B), then lower. This will increase the width of your midriff for cover-model abs.

The top 10 TRX exercises - Men's Health

This simple exercise tool is rapidly appearing in every health club in the world. What is it that will quickly surpass the beloved balance ball-the TRX Suspension workout system. See the TRX posters.

The top 10 trx exercises

Squat fly Grab the stirrups and squat down, allowing the TRX to take your weight (A). Drive up, spreading your arms as you rise to target your shoulders (B). Drawing your arms apart hits your rear delts, making this a full-body move.