This guide covers the fundamentals of information architecture for organizing website content. We will look into popular IA design patterns, best practices, design techniques, and case examples.

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A two-part figure. The top diagram shows a simple linear sequence of pages, organized like a book or magazine. The bottom diagram shows a sequence of pages that also incorporate page sequences that digress from the main sequence of the document, as parallel sequences that divert from and then re-join the main pages.

Over-Categorization: Avoid Implementing Product Types as Categories (54% Get it Wrong)

Our research shows that of e-commerce sites suffer from over-categorization, resulting in severe navigation issues and limited product list control for their users

When your website's users consistently go to the wrong sections, you have many options for getting users back on track, from better labels to clearer structure.

The number and order of navigation categories, and use of hover menus for touchscreens are frequently asked questions that arise when organizing information on a website or application.