Manal Siddiqui

Manal Siddiqui

Hello people of earth,my name is Manal. I am crazy,goofy,wierd and sometimes funny!Enjoy my pins!
Manal Siddiqui
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taylor swift Toronto 6/14/13

Taylor stopped at a red light to get a picture with fans!

Sometimes people think i'm a creep sometimes i might just make someone's day!

One time, somewhere I heard that if you smile at someone you might make their day just a little better because you never know what that person has been going through. Maybe all they needed was a friendly face and a smile.

Well only when im bored thts quite constant

"Beautiful things happen in the dark when the sun goes to sleep when the stars give light kisses when the moon is a spotlight life stays beautiful even when you are covered in darkness.

Reaally dark eyes

Lol, not even INTERESTING brown eyes like the one in this picture. They're literally just a super dark brown with nothing else. Just a really dark brown. In short, I hate my eyes XD