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Manish Koradia

Manish Koradia
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Advanced Side Plank - requires good core stability and balance

Position your body as shown in the photo, with feet together, arm at your side. Lift top leg up, as shown in photo. Raise arm over head, as shown in photo. Return to start position (step Repeat reps on each side.

Modified V-ups that won't strain your neck.

Crunches may be effective for toning your abs, but the exercise can also create some uncomfortable neck strain. Here are two neck-friendly ab moves where you use your arms to support your entire torso, not just your head. When done correctly, the

Why only workout your core?? Push yourself past your comfort zone and combine a rear fly into this side plank hold for a total body workout!

Move Reverse Lunge with Rotation and Biceps Curl Deadlift to High Pull Stability-Ball Triceps Extension Plank Hold and Single-Arm Row Squat with Leg Abduction and Lateral Raise Hamstring Curl with Chest Press V-Sit Incline Press Side Plank with Rear Fly