Our Mantracker Terry Grant

One of canada's true and real mantracker. Know your land Know your prey, look out he's coming to get you.
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Mantracker - Terry Grant - oh la la!!!!

Mantracker - Terry Grant - oh la la!

Mantracker -Terry Grant, a veteran outdoorsman who knows nature like the back of his hand.

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Mantracker... Scouts Canada's new Chief Scout - April 2013

Scouts Canada has tracked down a new Chief Scout — Terry Grant, former star of the reality-TV series Mantracker. Until Grant’s induction on Friday in Victoria, the position had always been held .

Go on this show! Mantracker! It's awesome!

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Mantracker, because I live in the house with 4 boys!

yeah, this is very acidic

Mantracker.   great show!!

Mantracker. great show!!

They're only ever be one real mantracker

They're only ever be one real mantracker