Maplelea doll Saila-Canadian version of the girl doll. She represents a Native Canadian. Maplelea has various ethnic choices in dolls. Pair the doll with a quality book (even movie) to make that good doll/book combo for your daughter, granddaughter, etc.

Katajjaq is the Inuit word for throat-singing, a traditional form of entertainment for women and girls. Try to do it without giggling - it's hard!

Ice Cap Back pack: Saila loves her new backpack that has two zippered compartments to hold all of her things. She was excited to find a scarf and mitts that were made in all of her favourite colours and in her favourite zig zag pattern.

This layered outfit enables Saila to adapt her school day outfit to the weather. The weather this morning calls for her to wear her hooded cable knit sweater over her long sleeved grey heathered shirt, her denim skirt and matching grey heathered leggings!

Maplelea® is a distinctly Canadian play experience featuring a collection of premium play dolls that celebrate our country's spirit and identity.

For fancy occasions, Saila's purple party dress is perfect! The cozy velvet top and the patterned two-tone taffeta skirt is a fun combination. Other details include a satin waistband, lined skirt and split sleeves.

Go with the Floe Runners: For indoor sports activities and playing out in the few brief summer months, these runners are Saila’s all-purpose footwear.

Saila really rocks this ptarmigan outfit! Her outfit includes a Rock Ptarmigan bird graphic printed on her t-shirt, a pair of capris with button details and a co-ordinating baseball hat.