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1525-30c+-+Hans+Sebald+Beham.jpg (750×1301)

A landsknecht; FL figure, turned slightle to r, holding a spear in his l hand, short sword hanging at his back, wearing wide-brimmed hat wit.

Wulver: The Wulver was a creature like a man with a wolf's head. He had short brown hair all over him. His home was a cave dug out of the side of a steep knowe, half-way up a hill. He didn't molest folk if folk didn't molest him. He was fond of fishing, and had a small rock in the deep water which is known to this day as the "Wulver's Stane". There he would sit fishing sillaks and piltaks for hour after hour. He was reported to have frequently left a few fish on the window-sill of some poor…

TIL that in Eastern Orthodox legend a dog-headed mythical figure was claimed to have been captured in battle. He eventually converted to Christianity and was dubbed Saint Christopher. The dog-headed saint is depicted in religious art.

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