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joshstephenstattoos: “Finally got some professional photos of s arm Photos: Courtney Mannion Tattoos: Josh Stephens ”


Really different, super pretty, classic and modern at the same time. I definitely like this idea, but I think I might do it with something a little different! Still super pretty though!

Modèle de tatouage sur la cuisse d'un dragon japonais avec des fleurs

Check out our Japanese Tattoo Designs Gallery. We have lots of japanese tattoos for you to view and get some japanese tattoo ideas.

de nouveaux tatouages de serpents par Mirko Sata  2Tout2Rien

itscolossal: “Mesmerizing New Serpentine Tattoos by Mirko Sata ” I would love to see the red and blue ones with glasses .

Le Mona Lisa par Sanghyuk Ko

29 Museum-Worthy Tattoos Inspired by Art History Great artwork is timeless and inspires us every day. Tattooists knows this all too well, as they bring iconic art back to life.

Source : Sol Art

Gustav Klimt, nouveau roi du tatouage ? Le phénomène en 15 magnifiques photos.

Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss' inspired side tattoo using an oriental pattern.Done by Sol Tattoo


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