Canadian Problems

They say it's because some parents drop their kids off anyway because they have to go to work. If no one was there, the student could freeze to death. Is the problem the School or the Parent?

I get asked this all the time here is Spain. lol

I went to a cruise to Alaska and people who were wearing parkas thought I was crazy for wearing a tank top

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Canadian Problem-HAHA that is hilariously true!

Canadian Problems

Canadian Problem Especially if you live in any place other than Toronto or Vancouver. Come to Ottawa for once!

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Canadian problem - needing an American postal code ~ OMG why have I never thought of that! Probably b/c I am too honest . Another Canadian problem!

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Here in Ontario we learn French in school but only starts in grades You can pursue after that but a lot of us don't. Also, French Canadians think they're better than everyone else.