I also like the representation of the hands as leaves...hour hand short, minute hand long.

Time flower petal minutes with leafy minute and hour hands ~ great idea! (Now to move my classroom clock to a place with space beneath it.

Class management First days of school activity

freebie friday and good character bingo

Une affiche à découper et à personnaliser, pour inciter les enfants et adolescents à se calmer lorsqu’ils sont énervés ou en colère ! Utilisée en complément des Time Timer et de produits tels que les fidgets, elle permet de se relaxer et rester zens !

Téléchargement : "J'ai besoin de me calmer"

Marche aussi avec les grands 😊😉 Téléchargement : "J'ai besoin de me calmer"

Head Over Heels For Teaching: Spark Student Motivation: Flashlight Friday!

Head Over Heels For Teaching: Spark Student Motivation: Flashlight Friday! I would totally use this and have reading time set aside to read in the dark with flashlights!

Fun classroom management idea! Free behavior punch cards.

Behavior Punch Cards

Are you looking for a fun, hands-on way to encourage your students to consistently make good choices? So was I and then I started implementing these behavior punch cards and suddenly my students were working VERY hard to earn their daily punch.

How-to manage your class of kids by setting up a team point classroom management system, including FREE table signs to get your classroom organized!

Manage a Class with Team Points

Giving point to the tables allows for the students to work together to do well. The students may correct each other and learn how to gain points from other tables. This provides a positive response during activities and in the classroom.

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