Earl Grey Crème - http://worldteahouse.ca/collections/black-tea/products/earl-grey-creme

Specialists in organic hand blended loose leaf teas collected from small tea gardens around the world. Located on Argyle Street, in Halifax, Nova Scotia

White Coconut Crème - http://worldteahouse.ca/collections/white-tea/products/white-coconut-creme

White Coconut Crème world tea house for mine and haleys iced tea on the deck this summer!

1-1-7-rooibos-kalahari-1.jpg http://www.cha-noir.com/en/shop/rooibos-kalahari/#

1-1-7-rooibos-kalahari-1.jpg http://www.cha-noir.com/en/shop/rooibos-kalahari/#

Peach Oolong - http://worldteahouse.ca/collections/oolong/products/peach-oolong

This delightful caffeine free dessert blend is a delectable infusion of enticingly sweet and tangy flavors harmoniously complimented by the soothing smo.

White Guava Ginger from http://worldteahouse.ca/collections/white-tea/products/white-guava-ginger#

White Peony hand blended with the sweet essence of guava. This tea has a pleasant, rich aroma and delivers an exotic, tropical flavor with a sharp finis.

White Goji Blossom, http://worldteahouse.ca/collections/white-tea/products/white-goji-blossom

Relax and enjoy this delightful white tea infusion as it sweeps lovingly across your palate. Steeps a refreshing taste reminiscent of baked pear and ora.