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the words new - wooly yarn are written in white on a light green background
New - Wooly Yarn
New - Wooly Yarn
three skeins of red silk yarn in white and light pink, on a white background
Drops Kid Silk Yarn
Drops Kid Silk Yarn
a skein of green yarn on a white background
Mohair Silk - Dyed (30-603)
Mohair Silk - Dyed (30-603)
a red wool yarn ball on a white surface with a tag that says gepard
Gepard Garn Kid Seta
Gepard Garn Kid Seta
a skein of yarn sitting on top of a black cloth covered in pink and white dye
How to dye a long gradient with wool and Kool Aid
the worksheet for working with bubble yarn is shown in orange and white text
Working With Yarn Held Double
Working With Yarn Held Double - Don't Be Such A Square
two pens and an eraser are in the package for kids to use on their school projects
Clover Speed Needle Refill
Clover Clover Speed Needle Refill
several skeins of green and yellow yarn stacked on top of each other
Bhedawool Bhedawool Mini Pack Greens - #0730
a box filled with lots of balls of yarn
Scheepjes Stone Washed River Washed Colour Pack
Filled with 36 colours of Scheepjes Stone Washed plus 22 colours (including the 8 latest additions) of River Washed yarn in cute 10gram balls, this luxury window box will be a source of inspiration for your next project. Scheepjes Stone Washed is the cotton blend yarn with the strong name and the soft, wool-like feel.
yarn balls and two skeins with text overlay how to dye yarn with kool aid
How to Dye Yarn with Kool Aid - a tutorial
two skeins of red yarn sitting next to each other on a white surface
Fiber Dyeing Log: Grape Overdye on Black Cherry and Grape Kool-Aid on Ecru Wool
Fiber Dyeing Log: Grape Overdye on Black Cherry and Grape Kool-Aid on Ecru Wool
yarn and easy yarn saver to keep your yarn tangle free
Tangle Free Yarn Storage: Quick and Easy DIY - Winding Road Crochet