Flowerpot Island - Tobermory, Ontario - so pretty and close to home =)

Scenic shoreline Flowerpot Island Fathom Five National Marine Park Lake Huron Ontario - Photo & Travel Idea Canada

Tobermory, Ontario

Canadas Gorgeous Grotto Found within Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula National Park, the Georgian Bay grotto gets its shape from centuries of waves carving away at the surrounding rock.

The lighthouse at Tobermory, Ontario. (Big Tub)    In 1885, the Department of Marine and Fisheries bought three lots at the entrance to the Big Tub Harbour for a lighthouse. In the 1870's, Charles Earl, one of the first settlers in the township, hung a lantern on a tree where the lighthouse was later built. Earl's lantern guided ships into the Big Tub Harbour where they could take refuge from storms and high seas.

The lighthouse at Tobermory, Ontario. (Big Tub) I want to do a lighthouse tour on our way back to Chatham.

Tobermory, Ontario Canada

Tobermory, Ontario Canada - I have jumped from these rocks into the icy water - invigorating

Tobermory, Ontario

Bruce Peninsula National Park Parks - Nature Reserves of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada

Flowerpot Island, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada... note the people at left of base.

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Tobermory, Ontario... Summer destinations

Head out to Tobermory, Ontario to see the incredible scenery and the always-cool sunken ships!

Sweepstakes was a Canadian schooner built in Burlington, Ontario in 1867. It was damaged off Cove Island then towed to Big Tub Harbour, where it sank in September 1885. The remains of Sweepstakes lie in Big Tub Harbour, located in the Fathom Five National Marine Park, in Tobermory, Ontario.

Most Incredible Sunken Ships on Earth 2 November 2013 Sweepstakes, Tobermory, Ontario Twenty feet underwater – but still visible from the su.