"Hand Print Doves" would be an easy art project to make for Peace Day.  I would use a title such as "Hands of Peace" for a Peace Day bulletin board display for these projects and add a creative writing component to this project.

Martin Luther King Jr was all about promoting peace. This Handprint Peace Dove is the perfect way to spread that message.

A (Paper) Chain of Kindness ⋆ Sugar, Spice and Glitter I was trying to figure out a way for the kids to start acknowledging each other’s kind choices. I wanted them to start seeking the good in each other and, by acknowledging it, encourage more kind acts in turn.

A (Paper) Chain of Kindness

Creating a paper chain of kindness with preschoolers to explain how our kind actions can impact others and set off a chain reaction, developing EQ

Grade ONEderful: Remembrance Day in Canada

Remembrance Day in Canada