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four circular pictures of cats and dogs with different facial expressions on them, all in cartoon style
a cat that is laying down with a mouse in it's lap and the caption says take it
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a painting of a duck wearing a blue and yellow hat with a pearl earring
a painting of a woman holding a duck in her arms and wearing a headband
an animal floating in the water with its paws on it's back and feet sticking out
an orange and white cat wearing a brown cowboy hat on top of a pink background
Original Cowboy from The Yetee | Day of the Shirt
Cute Animals, Llama, Kawaii Design, Animal Drawings, Alpaca, Tees, Human
Cute Angry Llama illustration
a women's t - shirt with an image of a penguin on the beach
Cute Penguin Chilling on the Beach Illustration
Cute and colorful illustration of a super chill penguin with sunglasses getting some sun and chilling under a palm tree on the beach. This drawing was made using a vintage-inspired color palette.
a woman wearing a white t - shirt with three dogs on it and the words cute animal designs
Cute Scottish Cows Drawing T-Shirts and other Products
In this design I created a cute drawing of some cute Scottish highland cows. I think those highland cows are so fancy with their windswept hairs, hiding their eyes. I also added a checkered bonnet to complete the Scottish look.