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Creamy white chocolate with a rich milky flavour. Perfect for those who love white chocolate — and a great idea for chocolate chip cookies! White Chocolate Chip Cookies, Hot Chocolate, Classic Bar, Creamy White, Candy, Victoria, Gift, Crockpot Hot Chocolate, Sweets

White Chocolate Classic Bar, 50 g

Classic Bar - White Chocolate - Purdys Chocolatier

We can pretty much guarantee you'll never enjoy a chocolate with more personality. Try our bestselling Hedgehogs. Candy, Snacks, Hedgehogs, Chocolate, Grandkids, Food, Wedding, Valentines Day Weddings, Appetizers

Hedgehogs, pack of 3, 72 g

Hedgehogs - Threes - Purdys Chocolatier

A readymade gift that's sure to please, Purdys' Bar Bag features a selection of some of our most popular chocolate bars. Envelope Pattern, Dark Chocolate Bar, Milk, Snacks, Patterns, Box, Gifts, Block Prints, Appetizers

Milk & Dark Chocolate Bar Bag

Bar Bag 6pc - Purdys Chocolatier

Crunchy roasted pecans, unbelievably soft caramel and a generous dollop of milk chocolate. An exceptional gift for yourself or anyone special to you. Made with sustainable cocoa. Chocolate Shop, Christmas Chocolate, Chocolate Gifts, Chocolate Lovers, Chocolate Box Packaging, Roasted Pecans, Gourmet Gift Baskets, Truffles, Cocoa

Milk Chocolate Sweet Georgia Browns

Sweet Georgia Browns - Milk Chocolate - Purdys Chocolatier

A creamy milk chocolate bar packed with fresh roasted almonds. Almond Bars, Roasted Almonds, Milk, Snacks, Chocolate, Almond, Toasted Almonds, Appetizers, Schokolade

Milk Chocolate & Almond Bar, 50 g

Milk Chocolate and Almonds - Purdys Chocolatier

Caramel Bites has a variety of flavours in both creamy milk and decadent dark chocolate, and may include caramels studded with fresh, roasted nuts. Caramel, Roasted Nuts, Milk, Snacks, Chocolate, Sticky Toffee, Candy, Appetizers, Schokolade

Milk & Dark Chocolate Caramel Bites, 200 g

Caramel Bites - Purdys Chocolatier

This keepsake tin proudly holds some of our bestselling chocolates and makes a thoughtful gift that's sweet anytime. Thoughtful Gifts, Tin, Celebrations, Chocolate, Sweet, How To Make, Candy, Schokolade, Chocolates

Sweet Celebrations Tin

Sweet Celebrations Tin - Purdys Chocolatier

Slivered toasted almonds mixed with salted toffee bits are coated in milk chocolate to make these delectable bites. Chocolate Haystacks, Toffee Bits, Toasted Almonds, Milk, Snacks, Food, Appetizers, Roasted Almonds, Meals

Milk Chocolate Haystacks, 150 g

Milk Chocolate Haystacks - Purdys Chocolatier

Our dark chocolate Salted Butter Toffee Bar is a mouth-watering, crunchy combination of sweet and salty flavours. Butter Toffee, Salted Butter, Toffee Bars, Sweet And Salty, Snacks, Chocolate, Giveaway, Coupon, Dark

Dark Chocolate Salted Butter Toffee Bar, 100 g

Salted Butter Toffee Bar - Purdys Chocolatier

Nutty Mac White - Twos - Purdys Chocolatier White Chocolate, Caramel, Mac, Packing, Sticky Toffee, Bag Packaging, Candy, Poppy

Nutty Mac Whites, pack of 2, 70 g

Nutty Mac White - Twos - Purdys Chocolatier

This is the only thing you need to bring to a deserted island. Chocolate Butter, Survival Kit, Card Holder, Snacks, Island, Appetizers, Islands, Survival Kits, Treats

Chocolate Survival Kit

Chocolate Survival Kit - Purdys Chocolatier

Sweet Georgia Browns Milk - Twos - Purdys Chocolatier Chocolate Caramels, Size 10 Rings, Georgia, Milk, Brown, Sweet, Chocolates, Packaging, Gift Ideas

Milk Chocolate Sweet Georgia Browns, pack of 2, 70 g

Sweet Georgia Browns Milk - Twos - Purdys Chocolatier