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Window-trim alignment block

The drawing shows the tool I use to align the edge of a window apron with the casing above the sill.

Click To Enlarge - Choose the right size counterbore for the job

Choose the right size counterbore for the job Combination pilot hole and countersink/counterbore pilot bit sizes range from 3 ⁄ to 5 ⁄ most with counterbores of 3 ⁄ or Use this chart to match the countersink/ counterbore to your fastener.

Siding holdup - Fine Homebuilding Tip

One night I went to bed dreading the next day. Working solo, I’d be siding the gable end of a house with clapboards, my only helper on the ground cutting …

Table R507.5 Deck Joist Spans

The 2015 IRC includes a new joist span table and illustrations specifically for decks. This will make it easier for deck builders to design a deck frame.

View from living room to large terrace

10 Best Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals, Apartments (with Photos)

Treehouse experience, Manuel Antonio National Park

10 Best Manuel Antonio National Park Vacation Rentals, Apartments (with Photos)

Crack-free, color-matched grout for a tile backsplash - Fine Homebuilding

Joist-hanger helper - Fine Homebuilding Tip

I often find it necessary to install joist hangers before installing joists. Working alone, I always struggled as I tried to hold the hanger in the correct position while nailing.

Love Your Deck 3D Cover copy

Cozy Cabin: Video Course & Plans for Building Your Own Little Dream Home by Steve Maxwell Steve’s Cozy Cabin video course and construction plans package is the ultimate guide to building your very own high-quality small home.

With simple site-made hangers, I can handle unwieldy lengths of clapboard all by myself. As shown in the drawing, my little siding aids are made of two clear cedar shingles, …