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Illustrations of the New Year-2017鸡年主题中国风吉祥物生肖插画插画-武减武


Moscow Sri Aurobindo Center of Integral Yoga - Practice - Antahkarana

Integral Yoga by Sri Aurobindo. Theory and practice. Antahkarana - inner instrument.


xxxshakespearexxx: “ The Monkey King 2 三打白骨精 is an upcoming Hong Kong action fantasy film based on the classic novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en. It is a sequel to the 2014 box office hit The...

On the Dweller on the Threshold

an essay on the magical practice of confronting the practitioner's ego and fear


The Pathway of the Two Serpents. Gold Solar Serpent and the Black Lunar Serpent are alchemical opposites with different paths through the alchemical container of the body. When they meet, the Marriage...

Wudang Academy - Internal Wudang Arts

Traditional Daoist Academy- Following the teachings of our founder Zhan San Feng himself, the International Wudang Academy maintains the tradition and quality.

Article 2 - Primordial Cells - Powerhouse of Qi - Simone M. Matthews - Universal Life Tools

Primordial cells are a persons original 8 cells of life, the first 8 cells that are formed after fusion of the Egg & Sperm and subsequent cellular replication. These 8 original cells, that are positioned in-between your Base & Sacral Chakras, are maintained throughout your life-time via the holographic field of your Crystalline Matrix (auric field).

Missing From Your Exercise: Stance Training

I'll tell you a little story. Once there was a boy in China who wanted to learn martial arts. At the age of 10, he saw the martial ar...


Taoist art of utilizing internal energy,chi for breathing and meditation.