Lance Wyman

Olympic branding is a hot topic and graphic designer Lance Wyman’s seminal work for the 1968 Mexico Games changed the way we see them. Monocle catches up with…


Sherwood Square is a revitalised retail centre, bringing energy, creativityand vitality back to 600 Sherwood Road. We want to build and foster ourcommunity and offer a collective space for retailers and visitors alike.

“The idea was to create something like a bookshelf in a library that would be a visual archive for our work,” says the Leipzig-based graphic designer David Voss of his studio’s newly updated site. Placed in orderly rows against a stone-colored background, each rectangular icon jumps to life with a d

Leipzig’s Bureau David Voss Designs its Portfolio Like a Bookshelf

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Hi, I am Dominik Junker, a young Swiss graphic designer, born and raised near St.Gallen in the eastern part of Switzerland.