Mrs. Sigg's Snickerdoodles

Sigg's Snickerdoodles - These wonderful cinnamon-sugar cookies became very popular with my friends at church. My pastor loves them! Crispy edges, and chewy centers; these cookies are a crowd pleaser for sure!

Sugar Swirl Cookies Recipe by Tasty

Sugar Swirl Cookies

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Strawberry Shortcake recipe from Chic & Easy via Food Network

Strawberry Shortcake

Make a from-scratch Strawberry Shortcake recipe from Food Network with fresh whipped cream, juicy strawberries and homemade shortcake.

Simnel Battenberg cake

Simnel Battenberg cake for Easter, featuring squares of light sponge, sandwiched with apricot jam, and finished off with a marzipan topping.

The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies -

Add 1 more cup of sugar cups total and an additional tsp of vanilla) Perfect for decorating! These classic sugar cookies are great for cookie-cutting and decorating during the holidays or anytime you feel festive.

Black and White Cookies I Recipe

These black and white cookies are famous for their residence in New York delicatessens. Use this recipe to avoid the airfare and have them at home. (almond frosting for cookies)

Battenberg cake

Battenberg cake

Battenberg cake recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food - what a gorgeous looking cake! The recipe makes it sound easy to create - I'll be amazed if mine looks so neat! Covered in delish marzipan too!

Dutch Christmas-Spiced Cookies - Photo © Westend61

Traditional Dutch Speculaas (Windmill Cookies)

These traditional Dutch cookies probably need no introduction, but if you haven't tried our cinnamon-spiced cookies yet, don't wait a moment longer.

Chocolate Beet Cake

Chocolate Beet Cake

Chocolate Beet Cake (had these at a party today and they lived up to their claim!) You won't taste the pureed beets, but they make this cake extra moist and play up its deep chocolate flavor.

Sugarcrafter » Blog Archive » Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin Pudding - 4 by Sugarcrafter. NO boxed pudding mix in this recipe :) It's all from scratch.

Saskatoon Berry Crème Fraîche Tart & An Anniversary

sweetsugarbean: Saskatoon Berry Crème Fraîche Tart & An Anniversary