toupie et binou - l'halloween

Here's an idea: French Interactive Halloween activities, a selection of French Halloween videos and a freebie!

Les Trois petits Cochons-En Français-Walt Disney l'authentique 1933

The 3 little pigs told in a french song. Great to use with students for retelling a story and roleplay activities.

"lundi mardi mercredi" - Days of the week video.

"lundi mardi mercredi" - Days of the week in French - français -works with AIM vocab as well

vidéo du livre Le Chandail

Le Chandail, The iconic short animated film by Roch Carrier and Sheldon Cohen presented by the National Film Board of Canada

Mickey 3D "Respire" (2003) / Directed by Jerôme Combe, Stéphane Hamache and André Bessy

Great French listening comprehension activity for advanced French high school students.