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Learn how to make my simple, Best Ever Vanilla Buttercream Frosting recipe, which is perfect for my Vanilla Birthday Cake and any of my cakes & cupcakes.

creamy chicken gnocchi soup

Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup has a thick and rich broth with shredded carrots, celery, chopped spinach, gnocchi and chicken hidden throughout.

Gramma's Date Squares - use a full 1 cup of BUTTER, melt it in the microwave until it is just past the really mushy stage. bake the bottom layer for a few minutes to make them more crisp.

Added an extra cup melted butter to the dry mix. A date filled bar with a chewy oatmeal crust. This is my grandmother's recipe which my whole family loves. You can use almond extract instead of lemon, if you wish.

I have been working on using up all the leftover bits and pieces out of my fridge.  I had an open can of pumpkin pie filling that I...

Coffee cake + leftover pumpkin pie filling = Spiced Pumpkin Gingerbread Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Caramel Drizzle! It was soooo good!

The secret to garlic bread that's neither too greasy nor too dry is having the correct proportion of butter to bread, so we give specific dimensions for the Italian loaf. If yours is a different size, you'll need to adjust the amount of garlic butter accordingly.

Looking for a great garlic bread recipe? This is one the best garlic breads you'll ever have. Try it out as a side dish!

Quick Yeast Bread Recipe -

If you dont have a bread machine, this is the easiest yeast dough recipe by far. There is no overbearing yeast flavour and it is a good dense bread.