Great way to measure using the unifix cubes, same item just different sizes

First Grade Fairytales: Mitten Measurement & a FREEBIE could just have different sizes of mittens traced on paper and students could cut out or not. Read Jan Brett's book The Mitten and connect it to the growing size of the lost mitten in the story.

I love this idea!  The snowman melts and children observe and measure!

British Columbia Kindergarten Social Studies and Science: Earth and Space - Surroundings "demonstrate the ability to observe their environment"The children build a snowman and then use math manipulatives to measure him before (and while) melting.

Exploring Measurement through play - Mass. Ideas on setting up the environment, what resources to use and how vocabulary development helps build understanding.

Exploring Measurement Through Play - Mass

Art + Measurement

After making snowman, children measure it with cubes or another sort of measure. Could use this idea for winter "Math Board" in my classroom.

Penguin Math

We are studying penguins this of my favorite units all year! Here's our math centers and a fun little math "art-tivity".